Here is the World…Don’t be Afraid

By Susan Stone The acronym for fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is paralyzing. Fear is contagious. Fear compromises our health and it isn’t even real. Notice right now an invisible hoola-hoop around your waist. Notice that everything inside the hoola-hoop...

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Thank You for Being YOU

By Brittney Hiller The air is rich with smells of moisture, spices, and, at times when cool enough, the robust smokiness from neighboring fireplaces. This is the time when we gather to reconnect with our families and share with one another what it is that we are...

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Let it Flow, Let it Flow, Let it Flow

By Martha O’Regan Notice how folks are suffering right now with sore throats, sinus or chest congestion, sneezing, and coughing? No fever and not really bad enough to stay home but enough to bring discomfort and a wonder about what they are “coming down with”. In our...

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Small but Powerful

By Rebecca Compton Someone gave me a button with the message ‘Small but Powerful’ a long time ago. I wore it often, perhaps to both remind myself and to warn others… I’d like to rephrase that to read Small AND Powerful. A simple idea, at face value, yet an idea that...

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Loving Presence

By Shafiya Eve Six AM Friday, Memorial Day weekend I wake to find my beloved canine friend, Margo, writhing in pain, unable to get up. Nine AM my friend John and I are at the vet’s having carried her on a blanket gurney. The vet’s exam is performed throughout Margo’s...

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