Purifying Breaths and Yogas of Tsa Lung

Purifying Breaths and Yogas of Tsa Lung

Learning to embody life is an amazing gift and tool to give yourself to use every day, all day.

Join Emily Davis-Fletcher as she demonstrates and shares simple practices that you can begin to use right away.  The ancient Tibetan Bon tradition of Tsa Lung engages your mind and body with purifying breathing and gentle yoga exercises that open chakras and clear inner channels.

As you clear heavy energies that block your vitality, you will connect to your deeper self and restore your inner stability, openness, joy, flexibility, and peace.

Investment: Gratitude Offering (suggested range $10-20). This 90-minute class has a maximum of 15 participants. Please contact Emily directly emilydfj@gmail.com for your first class so she will know to expect you.

If you have questions about the class, please contact Emily at emilydfj@gmail.com.

Ememily in Kerry 2014 without sunglassesily Davis-Fletcher is a writer and community activist with a BFA in creative writing from Stephens College and an MA in women’s studies from the National University of Ireland, Galway. She has spent several years exploring holistic therapies and practices to deepen her self-awareness and enrich her creativity.  Currently, she is writing a parable for all ages and digging through experiences to uncover a debut collection of poetry.